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What’s my cut off time for sending same day mail?2022-01-27T14:51:50+01:00

With PostboxNow the cut off time for sending same day mail is 12pm.
Your mail will then sit in your Post tray for 30 minutes before being processed, printed and posted out on the same day.

What paper will my mailings be printed on?2022-01-27T14:51:21+01:00
  • Letters and documents will be printed on 100gsm uncoated white paper stock

  • Postcards will be printed on 350gsm Silk White paper stock

  • EasyMailer documents will be printed on EasyMailer’s Original A4 paper stock

Can I recall a mailing?2022-01-27T14:50:42+01:00

When an item gets uploaded to PostboxNow it will enter the Post Tray for 30 minutes. Any items in your post tray can be recalled so they won’t be mailed out. However, once your mail leaves the post tray it CANNOT be recalled.

If you want to recall an item in your post tray:

  1. Click in the box next the URN (Unique reference number) of the item(s) you want to recall.

  2. Click recall selected

Please note:

  • The recalled items will then enter your Failed folder.

  • Only 100 items can be recalled at a time.

If you need to recall multiple items, you can use the above method and select them one by one. Alternatively, you can use the search box to filter the items by filename or date etc and ticking the check box at the top of the table next to the URN heading.

Can I delete items from my failed folder?2022-01-27T14:50:17+01:00

No these items cannot be deleted, although they will only remain there for the duration of your online archive, 90 days unless on a custom package.

Can I add my letterhead?2022-01-27T14:49:36+01:00

Yes, letterheads can be added to any of your mailings.

There is a little set-up in the background, but we can make your letterhead be automatically added to your one or more of your chosen Postboxes.

If this is something you would like added to your account, please email support@postboxnow.co.uk to express your interest as well as sending over a hi-resolutions A4 PDF version of your letterhead artwork.

Why is some functionality on PostboxNow not working?2022-01-27T14:49:08+01:00

If you are experiencing a non-responsive PostboxNow it might be because of the browser.

PostboxNow is optimised when using a google chrome browser. If you are having any difficulty with responsiveness, please try using google chrome to improve your experience.

Download Google Chrome here

If you continue to experience any further responsive issues with PostboxNow despite using a google chrome browser please contact out support team at support@postboxnow.co.uk

Why has my credit reduced by more than the price of the item?2022-01-27T14:48:33+01:00

The item price shown in excluding VAT. After your items leave the post tray the cost of the item plus VAT is deducted from your account balance.

What is the minimum credit deposit?2022-03-28T12:07:41+01:00

The minimum credit card deposit is £10.

Can I send letter internationally?2022-01-27T14:48:14+01:00

Yes, as long as your address format complies with Royal Mail’s International addressing guidelines.

Once your address is in the correct format according to Royal Mail’s guidelines. You can upload your mailings as normal, and our system will identify them as being an international letter and bill accordingly.

Can I generate a report of what I have sent via PostboxNow?2022-01-27T14:47:51+01:00

Yes, here are the steps to take to get a sent report from PostboxNow.

  1. Log into PostboxNow

  2. Click My Post on the left-hand side options

  3. Select Posted

  4. Now choose the number of records you want to view and the dates from
    and to.

  5. Tick the box for ‘Include archived items’

  6. Click Search

  7. Now you can use the search box to filter results according to documents, senders or recipients.

  8. Now you have the option to download the filtered data and choosing your preferred format from Excel, CSV, PDF or Printed.

  9. Once you have clicked on your chosen format it should download straight away.

Failure alert – File is password protected2022-01-27T14:47:06+01:00

Receiving an error message stating the file is password protected when uploading to PostboxNow but no password is needed to open the PDF?

There are different levels of password security that can be added to a PDF, one for opening/ viewings and another for editing or making changes.

Our hybrid mail system needs to be able edit your PDFs to add integrity barcodes. If our system comes across a password needed for making amends this is typically when this error will show.

You can check your PDF for passwords with these brief steps.

  1. Open the PDF in Adobe

  2. Press CTRL + D on your keyboard to open the document properties

  3. Go to the Security tab at the top

  4. If any of the Document restrictions summary show ‘Not Allowed’ this will need to be removed by the creator of the PDF and re-uploaded to continue.

What if my cut-off time is within the 30-minute wait time?2022-01-27T14:39:55+01:00

You will always have the full 30-minute Post tray wait time regardless of when you upload your mailings. As long as your mailings are uploaded prior to your cut of time (not including your post tray wait time) they will still be sent that day.

What is the Post Tray wait time?2022-01-27T14:39:14+01:00

The Post tray wait time is set to 30 minutes.

When you upload your letters or postcards to PostboxNow they will first show in your post tray. Here they will stay for 30 minutes before proceeding. This allows you to review or recall your mailings.

Please note – It is only in the Post tray where your mailings can be recalled.

After 30 minutes any remaining mailings in your post tray will automatically move to the Postroom. Where we will receive your mailings, process, print and send them on your behalf.

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